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Wonder Woman // Why Diana Should be a Role Model

At the beginning of June, I decided to take a trip to the Cinema to watch the next film in the DC Universe; Wonder Woman. The film not only made me proud to be a Woman but it also left me feeling like we should all strive to be more like Diana – Princess of the Amazons.  So today I bring you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman, aka Diana should be a role model for us all…

 5 reasons why Wonder Woman should be a role model

1. She is a force to be reckoned with

Wonder Woman really is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, powerful and determined. She believes in what is right and that makes her a perfect role model. We should all take a leaf out of Diana’s book. We should use our voice and not be ignored, stay strong and determined and this will make us powerful.


2. She speaks out when others hide in fear

If you have seen the film, I am referring to when Steve (Chris Pine) brings Diana back to England with him and he goes into the board room. Diana doesn’t agree with what they were saying and instead of sitting back and doing nothing; she used her voice and spoke out. Where Steve was uncomfortable with the situation, Diana just didn’t let it phase her. We should all speak out when we see or hear things which are wrong. We shouldn’t let it fear us!


3. She is naive due to her upbringing – but she has a fresh attitude

Diana has been on a magical paradise island called Themyscira for all of her life until Steve arrives. When she learns about World War 1, she insists on going with him to help; not knowing what she is heading into and the battle she will have. Her naivety is one thing I admire about Diana as I think without this, she could of be put off from going with Steve. Her attitude throughout the film is so fresh and rare and it allowed her to conquer anything she puts her mind to. From this, I think we could all take out of this her determination and attitude as something to strive to.


4. She believes in something and doesn’t care what others think

Throughout the film she discusses how her Mother made her from Clay and Zeus brought her to life. Something Steve doesn’t believe in from the very beginning. She also holds Greek Gods as fact in her life and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She believes that Aries (the son of Zeus and the God of War) is the person behind the World War 1, and if someone tries to disagree with her; she simply just tells her opinion and never undermines their opinion. Something we all should learn from. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions without having other undermine it.


5. She treats her partner as an equal!

Something that is not uncommon in the Marvel and DC Universes alike, is that the partners always take the back burner. For instance, look at Robyn compared to Batman or Lois Lane to Spiderman. They are either inferior or the damsel in distress. In this movie though, Steve and Diana both have vital parts and roles to play. They are equals and that is the way it should be. The way Wonder Woman never dismisses Steve and works alongside him throughout is something we should all want!


What do you think?

Do you think that Wonder Woman is a good role model? Also, if you have seen the film; I would love to know your thoughts.

  • I’m going to the cinema Monday and was thinking of seeing this but you’ve just made my decision I need to be empowered. Xxxxxx


  • Charlene McElhinney

    I haven’t seen the film yet but after reading this I really want to! I’m all for this post! I love it & I definitely feel empowered xxxx

  • Definitely agree with everything! I went to see the film not expecting her to have that much character but I’m so surprised at how wonderful a role model she is! We need more of these empowering women characters for sure! x

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  • Chloe

    I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet but I agree that it sounds like a fantastic film! It sounds like Diana really is a great role model! Xx

  • marclamberts

    I haven’t seen this yet and I’ve heard a lot of things about it. I agree that she is a great role model, and I can’t wait to see it!

  • Emma Ramsell

    I am so gutted I haven’t seen the film yet but I am a massive fan of the comic book. I love anything that empowers women. Or just empowers anyone. She is such an inspirational woman, I love that she gives everything she has to any situation! Something so many of us should be like.

  • Flora Halfhide

    I haven’t seen this film yet but it looks fantastic and she’s such a good role model for young women!!!

  • Sian…

    I’ve yet to see the film but I definitely agree with her being a kick-ass woman! I love seeing powerful women, especially portrayed in films!

    Sian x

  • Tania Ribeiro

    I haven’t seen the film but I think she’s an excellent role older for younger generation!

    Tania || http://www.taniaalexandraribeiro.com

  • Stacey

    I haven’t seen the new Wonder Woman film yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it. I think it’s great for girls to have a wide variety of female role modes and you don’t get much stronger than Wonder Woman!

  • Loved this film and loved Diana! Definitely a perfect role model for girls, I can out feeling so kick ass.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • I really need to watch the movie but I do love Wonder Woman, definitely a great role model for young girls!


  • I’ve never watched wonder women but she sounds amazing! She definitely sounds like a good role model

    Tasha x


  • Holly

    I normally have no inclination to watch a superhero type film but I’d love to see this! It looks really good and your post has made me want to see it more haha

    Holly x

  • I’m not much of a film ‘goer’ but I think this is a brilliant idea of a post! She sounds bloody fabulous xxxx

  • I loved this!! and I loved this movie. I legit left the cinema feeling like a new woman who wanted to conquer the world x



  • I totally agree with this! I loved the movie and I thought it brought a fresh take on a female superhero – and it didn’t just focus on what she was or wasn’t wearing! I love that she fought for what she believed in and treated Steve as an equal x