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Chester City - Travel in the UK series
18th August 2017

Chester // by Food & Baker

Blogger Introduction We are Jessica and James, and together we are couple food and travel bloggers and vloggers, based in London, UK. Why we chose to write about Chester… The reason we have chosen this place is because Chester is...

North Wales Snowdonia - Travel in the UK series
17th August 2017

North Wales // by Gorgeous and Geeky

Blogger Introduction I’m Natalie from Gorgeous and Geeky, a lifestyle and beauty blog.  I’m a mental health support worker and blogger with a passion for travel, Star Wars, cats, and gin.  I currently reside in Wales, but I am...

North London City - Travel in the UK series
16th August 2017

North London // by Ramblings of Another Uni Graduate

Blogger Introduction Hi! I’m Serena and I blog over at My blog focuses on music, books, travel and student lifestyle 🙂 You can also find me at @Serena_R94 on Twitter and @serenareidy on...

Laugharne City - Travel in the UK series
15th August 2017

Laugharne // by The Lilac Linnet

Blogger Introduction Hi, my name is Llinos and this year I turned 30.  I live in Cardiff with my boyfriend Oliver and our guinea pig Maggie.  I grew up on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales and speak fluent Welsh.  When I’m not...

City of Oxford - Travel in the UK series
14th August 2017

Oxford // by Abbey Louisa Rose

Blogger Introduction Hi! My name is Abbey and I’m a 22-year-old blogger and archaeology student! I blog over at about an eclectic mix of topics – I cover everything from fashion, creative projects, and days...

Glasgow City - Travel in the UK series
13th August 2017

Glasgow // by Charlene McElhinney

Blogger Introduction My name is Charlene McElhinney and I’m a 20 (almost 21) year old blogger and poet from Glasgow (three guesses to which place I’m writing about!). I love writing about absolutely everything & anything and call...

South London City Travel in the UK series
12th August 2017

South London // by The Hels Project

Blogger Introduction My name is Helen, and my blog is The Hels Project. It started out as a lifestyle blog, but I now write about parenting and anything else I feel like! Why I chose to write about South London… I’ve spent the...

Cambridge City - Travel in the UK series
12th August 2017

Cambridge // by Just Buttons

Blogger Introduction Hi, I’m Sarah and I blog over at Just Buttons Blog ( I write about living life as a first time mummy and what my family gets up to. I currently live in Suffolk with my son and husband,...

Leeds City - Travel in the UK series
11th August 2017

Leeds // by Only the Jaded

Blogger Introduction I’m Em from Over at only the jade I talk about everything from mental health to beauty. I am so excited to take part of this travel series for the lovely Steph. So, without further ado,...

Portsmouth - Travel in the UK series
10th August 2017

Portsmouth // by Aesthetic Obsessed

Blogger Introduction My name is Alicia and I’m a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger primarily over at but I do also write posts regarding travel and love. I grew up in a small town just outside...

Liverpool City - Travel in the UK series
9th August 2017

Liverpool // by Alisha Valerie

Blogger Introduction I’m Alisha Valerie from, I’m a 20-something disabled, cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle blogger from the beautiful city of Liverpool. I’ve chosen to tell you all about the...

Bristol City - Travel in the UK series
8th August 2017

Bristol // by It’s Sarah Ann

Blogger Introduction I’m Sarah, I blog all things life, food, travel and beauty over at It’s Sarah Ann. I have just this year returned to Bristol after a few years working up in London. I love food, homewares (don’t let me buy more...

Aberdeen City - Travel in the UK series
7th August 2017

Aberdeen // by Iga Berry

Blogger Information Hello, I am the creative mind behind where I share what I consider a travelicious lifestyle that won’t ruing your bank account. Next ‘honeymoon’ trip: Sicily, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria,...

Cardiff City - Travel in the UK series
6th August 2017

Cardiff // by Twenty Something Meltdown

Blogger Introduction I’m Gwennan, you might have heard of me on Steph’s blog a few times before (I’m always muscling in) and I run Twenty Something Meltdown. I am a freelance illustrator and lifestyle blogger from Wales with a low key...

Nottingham City - Travel in the UK series
5th August 2017

Nottingham // by A Mess in a Dress

Blogger Introduction Hi!  My name is Stacey and I am a 30-something, mum of two, lifestyle and culture blogger.  My blog, A Mess In A Dress, features posts from pretty much every genre you can think of but my absolute favourite...

The Cotswolds - Travel in the UK series
5th August 2017

The Cotswolds // by Beth Hill

Blogger Introduction My name is Beth and I am 17 years old. My Blog very much reflects who I am as a person because I love to share my life on there and my posts are very tailored to how I am feeling or what is going on in my life. Why...

Hull City
4th August 2017

Hull // by The English Everygirl

Blogger Introduction Hi there! I’m Sian, 24 and I run I blog about a mixture of topics, from beauty to fitness, organisation to personal posts. When I’m not blogging, I can either be found working at the...

Manchester City - Travel in the UK series
3rd August 2017

Manchester // by Daisy Grey

Blogger Introduction I’m a 26 year old Mancunian with a serious passion for travel. I created my blog, Daisy Grey, to share my world with anyone who wants to join it! I have made it my mission to travel & see as many different...

Bath City - Travel in the UK series
2nd August 2017

Bath // by Laura Snow

Blogger Introduction Hello! I’m Laura, I’m a Sales & Marketing Manager by day and a Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger by night! I’m not your conventional blogger, I don’t stick to schedules and themes – I post...

Buxton City - Travel in the UK series
1st August 2017

Buxton // by Mummy Toosh

Blogger Introduction Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m a mummy of 4 precious children. My blog MummyToosh began as a ‘dear diary’ space for me and is now my personal lifestyle and parenting blog. I will be writing about the village we live in:...

Norfolk County - Travel in the UK series
1st August 2017

Norfolk County // by The Rose Beauty Files

Blogger Introduction Hello everybody! My names Molly and I’m from the blog The Rose Beauty Files! A huge thank you to Steph for having me over here on her blog, I’m so happy to be able to share some of the fabulous places I discovered...

Brighton City - Travel in the UK series
1st August 2017

Brighton // by Coco Travels

Blogger Introduction I’m Sam from Coco Travels, an East Midlands based travel blog. I love exploring the world one adventure at a time and seeing new places and meeting new faces. From backpacking, camping and road trips to four...