Pumpkin Picking at Essington Farm by Stephs World

Pumpkin Picking & Carving // Photo Diary

Welcome to the first post of October on Steph’s World, and how fitting for it to be all about Pumpkins 🙂 This weekend, myself, my Boyfriend and friends decided to take a trip to a Pumpkin Patch and collect some Pumpkins to carve.

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Our friends have been Pumpkin picking before and recommended going to a local farm called Essington Farm. So we headed over to the farm which also has fruit & veg picking that you can also do while there, as well having a lovely cafe and farm shop.

There did seem to be two fields for the Pumpkin picking, one further away which you could have a tractor ride to; or the field which we went to opposite the farm shop. The Pumpkins in this field were still growing on the vines and they looked amazing. The field was a little overgrown and it just added to the fun.

We scoured the field for the ‘perfect’ Pumpkin. I am sure at one stage it was a competition to see who could find the biggest Pumpkin. I didn’t realise this before going, but Pumpkins are not all the typical Orange which you see everywhere. They looked amazing growing in the field!

I would recommend taking some gloves with you when going Pumpkin picking as the stem is very prickly.

Carving the Pumpkin

Obviously, when you go to collect a Pumpkin, you have to carve it! I had never carved a pumpkin, so I was super excited! I got myself a little tool kit for £3 from Sainsbury’s which also came with some ‘Pumpkin Face’ templates.

After about half hour, I finally decided I wanted to carve a cat into my Pumpkin as well as a moon and stars. I just thought it would look cute.

Waiting for the Darkness

After spending hours lovingly carving our Pumpkins, we waiting for it to get dark outside so we could take some photos of our Pumpkins all lit up. I think they looked really good 🙂

Pumpkin Carving - Pumpkin Picking at Essington Farm

Do you like Pumpkin Picking & Carving?

Do you like to go Pumpkin picking and/or like carving a Pumpkin, or are you like me and never done it before? I would love to know 🙂

If you are carving a Pumpkin this year, what will decide to carve into your Pumpkin?

  • Sarah Pears

    Oooh I love your photos! That middle one of you is beautiful! <3 We were meant to carve our pumpkins last night but got distracted by watching a TV series :') Hopefully one night this week we will!

    Sarah | http://www.justbuttonsblog.co.uk

  • Emma Ramsell

    How stunning are your photo’s missus. You have got me so excited. I’m going pumpkin picking this weekend and I can’t actually wait. I love this post.

  • I haven’t been pumpkin picking for so long but I really want to do it this year! Your cat looks so awesome on your pumpkin and I think you’ve inspired me to do one when I get a pumpkin! xx


  • This is absolutely adorable Steph, I went to my first pumpkin picking experience last weekend and they’re sat in the cold dark garage patiently waiting to be carved until halloween now! You took some incredible photos too. I’m trying to think of cool designs to carve xx