August Monthly Favourites by Stephs World

Monthly Favourites // August 2017

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for August 2017.

This month has been another jam-packed month full of activities and exploring, as well as fun and laughter.

What has happened this month:

  • Got to see some of my lovely friends and old colleagues for lunch.
  • Took a trip to Everyman Cinema to see Dunkirk.
  • Attended 2 family weddings. If you would like to see a lookbook, please let me know.
  • Visited Hickory’s Smokehouse near us 3 times for Breakfast – I don’t regret that either!
  • I had 7 days off work over 2 weeks and it was amazing!
  • I had a couple of day trips with my Mom to both Liverpool and Worcester.
  • I had my hair cut which always feels amazing. Just why can’t I get my hair looking as good as when they do it for me?
  • I had my nails done with Shellac in the colour Satin Pyjamas.
  • I have had the ‘Travel in the UK‘ Series running everyday on my blog and I’ve loved every minute of it. I hope you have enjoyed the series as well 🙂

Monthly Favourites // August 2017

Film – Moana

I am now truly gutted that I never got to watch Moana in the cinema! When I saw this film pop up onto Now TV, I knew I had to watch it and I was not disappointed. As my Boyfriend and I settled down for a Dominos and a film night, I made the suggestion to watch Moana – knowing full well that it was a musical. My Boyfriend said “this isn’t a musical is it?” erm…well, I of course said no otherwise we wouldn’t have even made it past the Disney logo!

I fell in love with the film and the music throughout, it was very magical and better than I actually expected as well.

TV Show – Doctor Foster & Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?

The BBC do some amazing series, but throughout August, these have been a couple of my favourites.

As Doctor Foster series 2 is coming soon, I decided to make a start on series 1 to see what all the hype was about. I was instantly gripped to show and the characters and thought it was brilliant. Well worth a watch, but be careful as you will be hooked and each episode is an hour long. There are only 5 episodes though, so it is very watchable.

Astronauts: Do you have what it takes? is a new series on the BBC which contestants go through tests and training to see if they could make it as an Astronaut. I find the show so interesting and you learn a lot about the processes they go through and what being in space would be like.

Music – Dua Lipa // New Rules

This song is full to the brim with Girl Power vibes! I just love this song for the Summer!

Soundtrack – Moana

Well this isn’t a shock, is it? My favourite songs have to be: You’re Welcome, Where You Are, How Far I’ll Go and An Innocent Warrior.

Blogging – Travel in the UK

I cannot believe that that is now the end of Travel in the UK! August just seemed to fly by and I loved every minute of the series. It took a lot of planning and organising for me to do, but I cannot express how grateful I am to the wonderful bloggers who took part in the series. They were all fantastic and this series could not of happened without them.

Food & Drink – Hickory’s Smokehouse // Breakfast

Before our local Hickory’s burnt down last August, my Boyfriend and I visited every Sunday for breakfast. I have to say I personally prefer the breakfast compared to the evening menu as I am not a fan of Barbecue Sauce! Yuck! If you ever wanted to see a post on the breakfasts at Hickory’s Smokehouse, I am sure I can make that happen.

Lifestyle – GHD Pink Blush Hair Straighteners // Breast Cancer

After my birthday in July, I noticed that my GHD Scarlett Hairstraighteners weren’t getting as hot as they once were. They were 5/6 years old but I was absolutely gutted. I wanted to use this chance to get a the GHD Platinum’s which I have wanted since they came out. I however spotted the gorgeous pink blush Breast Cancer limited edition ones and fell in love with them. They are blush pink with a little bit of Rose Gold on the end and the heat mat/bag is stunning! I am so happy I got these (with an additional Student Discount with GHD online) and £10 went towards Breast Cancer Research. I wish it was more money that went to them, but something is better than nothing and hopefully the money I raised and am raising now for my 2 Race for Life’s this year will help.

GHD Pink Series - August Monthly Favourites by Stephs World

Image by GHD

Place To Be – Worcester

I have been to Worcester a few times before but only made it as far as the shopping areas. This month, my Mom and I decided to explore a little more of Worcester and saw the Cathedral and River. It was a lovely sunny, relaxing day and I can’t wait to return again soon.

Blogposts // August 2017

Seen as my Guest Blogger series ‘Travel in the UK‘ was running throughout August, I stepped away from my normal blogging schedule. If you would like to check out and explore the UK virtually, all posts are still live on my blog.

What did you do in August?

What did you get up to in August? Did you do anything fun? Do you suggest for me to go anywhere and do a blogpost on it? Please Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Sarah Pears

    I loved your Travel the UK series so much!! Tried to make sure I commented on all of them so let me know if I’ve missed any!
    Moana is my fave film at the moment!! I stick it on a couple of tines a week for Oliver (but really it’s for me!)

    Sarah |

  • Those GHDs look gorgeous x

  • It sounds like you’ve had a pretty busy but wonderful August! A massive congratulations to you on the travel series – it’s something to be proud of 🙂

  • Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful month. I definitely want to see lookbooks 🙂 I still haven’t seen Moana, really need to get a move on, I love the music! I had a fairly quiet month apart from a week in London!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • I loved this post Steph, it sounds like you had a very busy month! I loved being a part of your Travel series; there were so many amazing bloggers involved! I also only recently watched Moana too and I loved it! Xx

  • Sarah Pears

    YES! I love Moana. I’ve watched it so much this summer :’) I really enjoyed your UK travel series, it was so lovely to see so many gems around the UK. I have lots of places to visit on my bucket list now!

    Sarah |

  • I agree with so many of your faves this month! I didn’t think I was going to like Moana that much but it’s so good, and the soundtrack is beautiful. Also a massive yes to Doctor Foster (although this new series is leaving me a bit on edge – in a good way!) and New Rules! Sounds like you had a wonderful August, hope that September is just as good x

  • Emma Ramsell

    I love this so much! Although I really need to watch Moana- I love the sountrack(thanks spotify).
    Doctor Foster is making my life right now. I adore anything With Suranne Jones in.
    And your travel series was probably your best yet.
    Em xxx

  • Sounds like you have been really busy! Worcester is so near to me, about half-hour away, but I have only been once or twice! x x