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Making Gift Hampers // New Home

One thing I love doing for any event whether it is a Birthday, Christmas or New Home is making the gift very personalised. In the past, I have made gift boxes with lots of little gifts such as body butter, make-up, gluten-free food and much more for friends and family.

So obviously as soon as I found out that my Boyfriends Sister and her Boyfriend were buying their first home together, I wanted to make them a special hamper for their moving in day.

Preparing for the Hamper

First of all, I wanted to find inspiration for the hamper by doing a simple Google and Pinterest search. I knew that I wanted the hamper to include a mix of cleaning products as well as a few treats. I then had a few ideas when it actually came down to the hamper itself which would house the gifts.

Finding the Hamper

For the hamper, I came up with a few ideas. I wanted to obviously keep the cost low but wanted them to be able to make use of all the gift including the hamper. I thought of buying one of the Flying Tiger Shopping Baskets (£4) or even this bath tidy from ASDA (£1).

In the end, I took a trip to ASDA and ended up picking up this beautiful Grey Rope Basket for £5. The colour is very natural and I loved the size of the basket for the hamper.

New Home Gift Hamper

What I included in the Hamper

Here are a few things which I decided to put into my ‘New Home’ which I think will come in handy for their moving-in day:

  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Window/Glass Wipes
  • Polish & Dusters
  • Tissues – They are always useful
  • Washing-Up Liquid
  • Candle
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar

I also included a few extras into the hamper as we also got them a few other gifts. These are the popcorn kernels and the popcorn boxes, as we also partnered up with my Boyfriends other sister & Boyfriend and got them a popcorn maker and light box for their cinema room.

New Home Gift Hamper

Putting the Hamper together

I decided that I wanted to ‘jazz-up’ the Rope Basket by adding a cute little bow on the front – as this is a gift after all.

As you may have seen on my Birmingham Haul, I popped into Paperchase and picked up this super cute flower bow which also came with some string-ribbon. I attached the bow onto the basket by wrapping the string around the sticky pad at the back, tying it off and threading it through the basket and knotting it at the back. I think it just makes it that little bit cuter.

I then lined the hamper with some blue tissue paper (also seen in my Birmingham Haul). I stacked the gifts into the hamper as best as I could and there we go.

Here is the finished thing alongside a funny card from Paperchase (£2.50).

New Home Gift Hamper

What do you think? Would you ever create your own gift hamper or have you ever made one before?

  • What a lovely gift! I would be very grateful for that if I was moving house. Especially the chocolate

    Tasha x

  • Hollie Byrne

    These are such a lovely and thoughtful gift, I’d be so impressed and honoured if I was gifted one of these!!

  • Steph

    Once, on my birthday, two friends gave me gifts. My one friend gave me money and straight afterwards, another gave me a hamper filled with specials and thoughtful gifts.

    I appreciated the small but thoughtful gifts way more than the money (which was a substantial amount).

    Hampers are lovely gifts! Especially when they’re personalized with love!


  • Chloe

    This is such a cool idea! I love making hampers for people’s birthdays but I love the idea of making one for someone’s new home! Xx

  • Flora Halfhide

    This is such an amazing idea!!! I’ve book marked your post to keep it for when I decide to make one!! Thank you so much!!

  • Holly

    Hampers are so personal, I love making little hampers up for people 🙂 great post!

    Holly x

  • This is so cute and such a great personal gift! I hope someone makes me one of these when I move house next month x

  • Charlene McElhinney

    This is so thoughtful. I absolutely love everything you included in the hamper – such quirky & useful things! The actual basket is gorgeous as well – I may need to keep an eye out for that! Would love a white one actually! Excellent post chick 🙂

  • Confetti & Cashmere

    I love the idea of hampers and I have always thought that they would expensive! I now know that they don’t have to be and can be personalised! A lovely idea and post. xx

  • this is such a good idea! One of my best friends just got her own house so this is a perfect idea! and inexpensive too xx


  • I made my mum a little pamper hamper for her birthday! I popped in bath soaps, a bath bomb, chocolates, a pyjama set and face mask. I love that you can personalise hampers and really show you’ve thought of them. When you wrap it up in cellophane and add ribbons to it, it looks a lot more expensive than it is!

  • I’ve never made my own hamper up before, but I do get them made up for people at Christmas. Hampers are definitely great presents, and this one looks like a wonderful house warming present

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • This is so lovely!! The candle and chocolate to relax with after cleaning haha xxxxxx

  • marclamberts

    This is such a lovely idea to do! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sian…

    I absolutely love making hampers! I make a toiletries one for my grandma every Christmas and the other year, I did a beauty hamper for my two best friends. They’re great if you’ve got no idea what to buy for someone! They can be really inexpensive too as let’s face it, when you get buying gifts, the prices can get crazy! I’m lucky that my mum works in a card shop so can get me a lot of the supplies cheaply!

    Sian x