London Photo Diary // April - by Stephs World

London Photo Diary // April 2017

In April I was lucky enough to be able to make another 2 trips to London (aka. my favourite place). I have decided to combine both the trips into one big London Photo Diary. 

Day Trip to London

The first trip I made to London in April was a day trip with my parents to go on the London Eye. I have never been on the London Eye and have always wanted to, so this was a perfect trip for me. We also managed to visit a few Harry Potter locations (which is always brilliant) such as Kings Cross & the Millenium Bridge. Here are a few photos of what we got up to.

Easter in London

The second trip I made to London was a flying visit as we were staying in Watford to go to the magical Harry Potter Studio Tour – there will be another Photo Diary for the tour. We paid a visit to MinaLima (the official artists on Harry Potter) which is just around the corner from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play. We then stopped off at Brewdog for our Craft Beer loving guys and had lunch at Belgo – a Belguim restaurant which was delicious. I would make a stop there again and it is a recommendation if you plan on visiting West End/Soho.

Where Should I Visit in London?

As always, I am asking for your recommendations on where I should visit in London next. I am not sure when I am going to London next, but hopefully, it will be soon 🙂

  • There’s so many places to visit in London! I couldn’t pick just one. I love your photos. I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan so loved them all the more

    Tasha x

  • Charlene McElhinney

    I love photo diaries!

    I went to london in my early years of high school and can barely remember it; I would love to go back some time! Especially after seeing all of your photos!

    Charlene McElhinney

  • marclamberts

    I went to London last weekend and I really loved walking in Green Park and Hyde Park!

  • Flora Halfhide

    I love going to London!!! Last time I went to 221 Baker Street and the Charles Dickens museum and I fangirled so much!!!

  • Aqy✨

    The photos are amazing!! Glad you had a fantastic time! I’d love to go to London someday! xo

  • MissBeautyEmily

    So jealous you got to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It sounds so good from what I’ve heard! Cannot wait to see the post all about that x

  • lovely photos! Made me miss London, I’m visiting for a day next month so will hopefully get some nice snaps!

    G x

  • Stacey

    I went on the London Eye years ago and thought it was great. You really get an amazing view of London. Revisiting Harry Potter studio tour is high on my list this year. I’d love to go and see it at Christmas time.

  • I love your photo diaries so much! I’ve been to brew dog before and it’s such a nice little place! I definetely recommend getting so tayaki or ice tayaki from China town as it’s so so delicious! Also if you’re in Carnaby dirty bones is amazing for food too x

  • Lucy

    I really enjoy your photo diaries as just nice to look at photos!! You’re a good photographer too! xxxxx

  • Hollie Byrne

    What beautiful photos you’ve taken, Steph!!!

  • Cília C

    London must be awesome!

  • Amy Eade

    I love London so much, just had the most flying visit myself but only to see friends really – need to go back!
    Amy xx

  • I literally love posts like these because I’m so nosy! Especially since it’s London tho. London is by far one of my favourite locations in the U.K. It always feels so special visiting and I just feel so content. It’s lovely really. It looks like you’ve had the greatest time! Xx

  • Sian…

    I love London; it’s been so long since I’ve been! I love that you saw lots of Harry Potter things too! It’s been a while since I went sight-seeing there though! It’s one of those places that you always manage to get things done but never everything on your list!

    Sian x

  • Holly

    I’ve never been to London but I’ve been asked a billion times for blogger events and stuff.

    Hope you love it!

    Holly x

  • Tasha Louise

    I love london! The london eye is gorgeous xxxx