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Goodbye 2016… // News Events in 2016

The time has finally come to say goodbye 2016…and a big hello to 2017! This is the time where we sit down, set ourselves goals and reflect on the past year.

What Happened in the News in 2016

With all it’s ups and downs, 2016 has been an adventurous year for us all. Here are just a few things which happened in 2016:


  • Outbreak of the Zika Virus
  • Rail fairs rose by 1.1%
  • David Bowie died
  • Sir Terry Wogan died
  • Alan Rickman died
  • Junior Drs went on strike


  • The Flying Scotsman (train) came back into service after 10 years – fun fact, I saw this at a local train station in August while waiting to get a train to London! Was totally unexpected!
  • BBC 3 goes online
  • Viola Beach (band) died in a car accident


  • Paul Daniels (magician) died
  • Ronnie Corbett died
  • London Underground workers went on strike
  • The Cambridge vs Oxford boat race took place


  • The Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday
  • Victoria Wood died


  • The UK started to think about the EU Referendum


  • Tim Peake returned to Earth
  • Brexit – UK & Gibraltar decided to leave the EU
  • David Cameron resigned as the Prime Minister
  • Jo Cox (MP) was shot & died


  • Caroline Aherne died
  • Theresa May takes over as Prime Minister


  • The Olympics took place in Brazil (Total Medals Won = 67 // Gold – 27 / Silver – 23 / Bronze – 17)
  • The Night Tube Launched in London
  • BHS stores close in the UK


  • The Paralympics took place in Brazil (Total Medals Won = 147 // Gold – 64 / Silver – 39 / Bronze – 44)
  • It was announced that Great British Bake Off would move to Channel 4


  • Pete Burns died


  • Staples closes all stores in the UK
  • Trump was elected to be the next President of America
  • Andrew Sachs died


  • Storm Barbra hits the UK
  • Greg Lake died
  • Liz Smith (The Royle Family) died
  • George Michael died
  • Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds died

Here’s to 2017…

I really hope that 2017 will be good for you all and bring you joy, love and happiness. Here’s to 2017…

Let’s make it a good one…

  • Food & Baker

    Really like the layout of this post, may just have to snatch this layout, although it shows clearly how many deaths have happened this year. Hopefully 2017 will be better for all!

    Jessica & James |

  • Such a sad year wasn’t it!? I really hope 2017 is a better year! Hope you have a good one, my love!

    Karina X |

  • Sian…

    I know people keep moaning that people say that 2016 was a year to forget but I have definitely felt more sad at the celebrity deaths this year than ever before. Maybe it’s because I’m fans of many of them? Fingers crossed 2017 will be a better year for us all!

    Sian x

  • 2016 was such a mixed year for me and seeing this little recap just makes me believe that 2017 will be so much better! X

  • Gosh this puts the year in to perspective. 2016 wasn’t all that bad for me but just looking back on it, it was a difficult year for the world though x

  • Amy Eade

    Such a good post, it’s nice to see 2016 laid out all in one although I’m looking forward to 2017 hopefully bringing some happier news!
    Amy xx

  • It definitely weren’t good months in January and December in 2016. As some of the other comments have said, this year has been upsetting as many of the celebrities that have passed away have been close to peoples hearts such as David Bowie and Carrie Fisher.
    Roll on 2017 with HOPEFULLY some happier news!
    Katie –

  • Lucy

    wow I knew a lot happened last year but seeing it written like that is quite shocking. I am still cut up about GBBO… We will all have to watch adverts now lol….. and I had no idea about Staples!!! I planned to go there tomorrow so I am glad I read this now. xxxxxx

  • Libby Xo

    Excuse me, but it seems you’ve missed out me turning 23 in the April section! Haha, of course I am joking my darling!

    Isn’t it scary how many celebrities passed away in 2016! I’m still sad about GBBO moving :(!


  • Charlotte

    When you read it like that 2016 was not the greatest year at all lets hope that 2017 is much better and does not have all the celeb deaths like last year did

    Charlotte x

  • Shawn Bethea

    You did so much! I need to join your party!!


  • Thank you for writing such a reflective post. It’s important to look back at what happened – I’m so saddened by Alan Rickman’s death, and more recently with Carrie Fisher too 🙁

    Happy new year – I hope 2017 is great!

    Leanne xxx

  • This was a nice little year in review. It’s still saddening to read all the deaths because it’s never a fun thing.

    Marie (SVG)

  • Debra-Bow

    Wow! What a post. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. It’s good to see everything laid out tho and when it all happened, obviously not good for some of the unfortunate events that happened. Also, a little confused about staples? Our local staples is still open and its huge. Never heard about that!

    Debra-Bow xxx |

  • Wow what a recap…a lot of tragedy did strike in 2016, let’s hope for a better year.