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Sightseeing and Places to Visit in Chester

For my birthday this month, my Mom and I decided to visit another UK City and see what there is to offer there. This time we decided to visit Chester. I would like to say that this was an informed choice, but it was not. We couldn’t make up our mind on where we wanted to visit, and booked the train tickets the day before we went. I can say that I was not disappointed.

We got to Chester on the train, which was very simple and had a change-over at Crewe. The train station in Chester was only 5-10 minute walk into the centre and was a very simple walk. When we arrived, I thought our lovely day was ruined though as it had just started to rain. Determined not to let it ruin our day, we headed to get some breakfast and research what Chester had to offer.

I asked on Twitter where I should visit while in Chester and some lovely fellow bloggers were quick to offer up suggestions of a few sightseeing things and also places to eat. So thank you for your suggestions guys.

In the centre, I did find it a little difficult to find somewhere to eat as there was a lack of the normal food-chains, but we did eat at a lovely pub called the Red Lion.

Here are some of the things we got up to while in Chester for the day:


Places to Visit in Chester


Eastgate & Eastgate Clock

This clock is one of the first things that you will see on entering Chester. The clock is situated on the Chester Walls in Eastgate. The bridge has been in the City since Roman times and used to be a gateway into the City, but was changed to a bridge in Georgian times. The clock was then added in Victorian times to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

The clock has 4 faces and there are steps next to the bridge so you can go up to get a closer look and walk directly underneath the clock.

Chester Eastgate and Eastgate Clock


Chester Cathedral & Lego Exhibition 

Even if you are not religious or even Christian, Chester Cathedral is something you should not avoid. The architecture in the Cathedral is stunning and breathtaking.

The Cathedral was a former Monastic building for Monks/Nuns and was also built in the Roman times.

The Cathedral itself is funded by donations so they do not ask for an entry fee, however it is suggested that you give a donation.

Chester Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral you can see the Lego Exhibition. The entry fee to this is £3 per adult. There is a work-in-progress of the Chester Cathedral which you can also participate in building for £1 per brick. Any money from this will go towards the Chester Cathedral Education Trust.

Chester Cathedral Lego Exhibition


Walk the Walls

One of the main things we did in Chester was to walk the walls of the City. As I mentioned before, the Romans built walls around the City of Chester to protect it from invaders.

The walls are a 2 miles round trip and takes around an hour to complete. Along the way you can expect to see amazing views of Chester, the River Dee, Chester Racecourse, Roman Gardens, Roman Baths and numerous Watch Towers.

We picked up the walk at Northgate, but there are various points along the way to join the walls walk.

We went when it was raining, and be careful as the walls can get quite slippy in places.

Chester City Walls


Go Shopping

There are so many high-street brands, top-end shops and little shops spotted around Chester. Some of the shops include:

  • Fat Face
  • Topshop
  • New Look
  • Waterstones
  •  Dorethy Perkins
  • Laura Ashley
  • Disney Store
  • Cath Kidson

Chester Shopping

There is also a shopping centre called Grosvenor which houses Costa, Debenhams, Ed’s Diner and Sports Direct, as well as some life-sized dinosaurs. They are only around until 14th August, so you’ll have to be quick.

Chester Dinosaurs Grosvenor Shopping Centre


Walk by the River

This is something I didn’t get time to do thoroughly, which is disappointing. While walking the walls, we did get to see the River Dee and it was so picturesque. I wish it was sunny on this day as I would have loved to have gone on their River Tour.

Chester River Dee


Have You Visited Chester?

If you have visited Chester, please let me know what you like to do and where you have visited.
All recommendations for my next trip are also welcome. Just let me know in the comments below.

  • Em

    Looks like a pretty picturesque place! I’ve never been to Chester, I’m not even really sure where it is lol! I love a good London trip… I need to do one soon!

    Em x • lifestyle & design blog • for fab custom logo & blog header designs visit:

    • StephsWorld

      Thank you for your lovely comment Em 🙂

      I love London so much too. I am going in the next few weeks and I cannot wait 🙂

      Steph xx

  • Chester is not a place I’d ever thought about visiting but it looks so pretty! Such beautiful old buildings. Just my kind of place by the look of it so will have to think about a trip at some point. Awesome post as always Steph! Jess x

    • StephsWorld

      Me neither lovely. I didn’t think of it until someone mentioned it. I loved it though, the architecture was amazing. Defiantly worth a visit 🙂

      Thanks for commenting
      Steph xx

  • 1 Week Mary

    I’ve only been to Chester once and we only had a bit of time to some shopping, but ever since then, I’ve wanted to go again! It sounds like you had a great time and happy birthday! Thanks for sharing xx

    • StephsWorld

      I loved Chester and would love to go again 🙂

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Steph xx

  • I’ve never been but your photos seem to make it look lovely!
    The Lego exhibition sound fun!!! xox

    • StephsWorld

      Aww thank you lovely 🙂

      Steph xx

  • This was a really great post hun, love the lay out and your pics! I’ve been to Chester only once properly but I don’t remember much. I think I need to go and sight see a bit more as well as shop 🙂

    Pandora xo

    • StephsWorld

      You should visit again 🙂 It was such a lovely city and so relaxing.

      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂
      Steph xx

  • I’ve been to Chester once and absolutely loved it – it was so quaint and cute and historical! That was ages ago, though, and your post really made me want to re-visit it soon. The Lego cathedral sounds like such a great idea! xx

    Anna @

    • StephsWorld

      You should go again. It was lovely 🙂

      Thanks for your comment
      Steph xx

  • Food & Baker

    Yay! Loved this post so much, sounds like you’ve done more than I have in Chester, even James (who lived there 99% of his life) didn’t even know there was such thing as the Lego cathedral! Hope we get to see dinosaurs when we go there this weekend! Glad you enjoyed your day and Chester treated you well! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    • StephsWorld

      I hope you have a lovely time in Chester 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

      Steph xx

  • Loooooved this post! It made me so nostalgic – I went to university in Wrexham so Chester was only the next stop on the train, I used to go there all the time. I have taken a phot of that clock so many times haha! I’ve never walked the wall though, tbh I didn’t even know you could so that’s on my list of things to do next time I visit! Sounds like you had a gorgeous day <3 xx

    • StephsWorld

      Aww thank you lovely. I only found out that you walk through the clock by accident, but was so good 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

      Steph xx