Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites // January 2018

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for January 2018. Also, Happy New Year! I’m back and it feels good! I hope everyone is well 🙂 Since August last year, I developed a love-hate relationship with blogging. I finished the massive series which was Travel in the UK, and my motivation to […]

Monthly Favourites // June 2017

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for June 2017. Once again I cannot start this blogpost without paying my respects to the tragedies in London this month. My thoughts are with everyone, but we stand together and support one another. We are strong!

Monthly Favourites // May 2017

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for May 2017. Firstly, I cannot go on into this months overview without paying my respect to the innocent people which we lost in the Manchester terrorist attacks this month. I feel this loomed over the UK for weeks (rightly so), but the support the […]