5 Instagram Accounts I Love

There are thousands of Instagram accounts which come in all shapes and sizes. Some are for personal use, some are for influencers, some are for pets/fur-babies, some are for brands, some are for inspirational quotes and so on. Sometimes it’s hard to get noticed with so many accounts and especially […]

Top 10 Christmas Movies

One of the things I love about Christmas are Christmas films! There is nothing better than watching films from your childhood, films that make you believe in the magic of Christmas or films which you can get cosy to with a cup of Hot Chocolate and a blanket. Here are my […]

Guide to Netflix – TV Programmes & Films

We’ve all been there. You have a free few hours to sit down and watch TV; and you have no idea what to watch. I can spend 20 minutes just trying to find something to watch. Here is my Guide to Netflix with a 10 TV shows and 10 films which I […]

The Blogger Tag

I have been tagged in the new tag called The Blogger Tag by Abbie at Abbie Chic – Thank you so much for tagging me. This tag is to get to know other bloggers better and it is such a good idea. I have also tagged some fellow bloggers at […]

Holiday Playlists

One of the things I enjoy doing before my holiday is getting my playlists ready. Having my Holiday Playlists are essential. I hate having just random songs come on as the song choice can really affect and reflect your mood. Therefore, I have created myself 2 playlists on Spotify ready […]

How to Stay Organised While Blogging

Staying organised while blogging is essential. I work full-time and any spare time I get, I need it to be structured and organised to get the most out of it. I am so forgetful about tasks I need to do, posts I need to write or even remembering what day […]