Top 10 Christmas Movies

One of the things I love about Christmas are Christmas films! There is nothing better than watching films from your childhood, films that make you believe in the magic of Christmas or films which you can get cosy to with a cup of Hot Chocolate and a blanket. Here are my Top 10 Christmas Films. I have also done a blogpost all about my favourite Christmas Songs and a free playlist which you can use on Spotify.

Guide to Netflix – TV Programmes & Films

We’ve all been there. You have a free few hours to sit down and watch TV; and you have no idea what to watch. I can spend 20 minutes just trying to find something to watch. Here is my Guide to Netflix with a 10 TV shows and 10 films which I enjoy watching. Most of these are shows you can even put on in the background while doing another task, which is usually blog writing for me.

The Blogger Tag

I have been tagged in the new tag called The Blogger Tag by Abbie at Abbie Chic – Thank you so much for tagging me. This tag is to get to know other bloggers better and it is such a good idea. I have also tagged some fellow bloggers at the end, so please make sure to check out their blogs too.

Are You Addicted to The Great British Bake Off?

We are already onto Week 4 of The Great British Bake Off, and I for one am addicted! I cannot wait for Wednesday to come around so I can have my weekly fix of Mary, Paul, Mel, Sue and the bakers. I really hope that I’m not the only one who is addicted to The Great British Bakeoff.

Unique Places for Food and Drink in London

This is my second part to my London Diary. This part will discuss the unique places for food and drink in London that I found that Bank Holiday Weekend, and fell in love with. Some of these are going to be places I visit again and again.

Holiday Playlists

One of the things I enjoy doing before my holiday is getting my playlists ready. Having my Holiday Playlists are essential. I hate having just random songs come on as the song choice can really affect and reflect your mood. Therefore, I have created myself 2 playlists on Spotify ready for my holiday to Spain. One for my flight and one for my sunbathing time, where I will just chill out and soak up the rays.

How to Stay Organised While Blogging

Staying organised while blogging is essential. I work full-time and any spare time I get, I need it to be structured and organised to get the most out of it. I am so forgetful about tasks I need to do, posts I need to write or even remembering what day a twitter chat is on.

25 Food Questions

After seeing this tag being done by the lovely couple that are Food & Baker and also the equally lovely Sarah from Writing, Rambling, I decided to give the 25 Food Questions tag a go. By the way, did you manage to see my Interview which I did over on Food & Baker for their #FBBloggerSeries? What did you think about the 3 facts about me? I love doing tags as they are a great way for those reading your blog to get to know you and also you get to meet some great bloggers too. After my Liebster Award […]