Box Frame DIY // Theatre Ticket LED Display Wall Art

Today I have decided to do something a little bit different on Steph’s World and enter the world of Craft and DIY! Here is a Photo Box which I made recently to store a few of my favourite Theatre Tickets in and have them on show in my bedroom.

Pumpkin Picking & Carving // Photo Diary

Welcome to the first post of October on Steph’s World, and how fitting for it to be all about Pumpkins ­čÖé This weekend, myself, my Boyfriend and friends decided to take a trip to a Pumpkin Patch and collect some Pumpkins to carve.

5 Ways to Feel More Autumnal

So as we are now officially in Autumn, I decided to write a post about 5 ways to feel more Autumnal. I love the changes of the seasons and I think in the UK, we are very lucky to get experience them all. I do think that Autumn is my favourite season as I love the colours and that cooler weather for an excuse to bring out my big jumpers.  

5 Ways to feel more Summery

If you live in the UK, or know anyone in who does live in the UK; you will know that the British Summer weather has been – well – shocking! It’s a heatwave the one minute and then can be storms – but obviously, you will know that as the British love to moan about the weather! Today though, I bring you my top 5 tips on how to feel more Summery.

Cat Logic // 5 Things Which My Cats Do

Cats! I love them! Sometimes though, I think my cats can be a little ‘odd’ with their ‘Cat Logic’. Here are just 5┬áthings which they do which I think is odd but they see as normal cat behaviour…

Wonder Woman // Why Diana Should be a Role Model

At the beginning of June, I decided to take a trip to the Cinema to watch the next film in the DC Universe; Wonder Woman. The film not only made me proud to be a Woman but it also left me feeling like we should all strive to be more like Diana – Princess of the Amazons. ┬áSo today I bring you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman, aka Diana should be a role model for us all…

Steph’s Reverse Bucket List

Something which seems to be very popular within the Blogging Community at the moment is the Reverse Bucket List. So today I am going to join the trend and have a look back at what I’ve achieved before looking to the future and completing my Bucket List.

Get to know me // The A-Z of Steph

While reading Jemma from┬áDorkface‘s blog the other day, I came across the brilliant Get to Know me; A-Z that she did and loved the idea. Therefore, today I bring you The A-Z of Steph…