Top 5 Study Tips

Being in the middle of your summer break from School, College or University; the last thing you want to think about is studying. I know over the Summer holidays, I always wanted to switch off from my studies; but sometimes you can’t. This post is a collaboration with the lovely Julia from The Part Time Mermaid who is currently studying for her University Degree. Our collab will focus on my top 5 study tips from a graduates perspective and Julia will tell you her top 5 study tips as a current University student.

No Make-Up, Make-Up Look

This is a collaboration with the lovely Tania from Tania Writes, where we are creating 2 No Make-Up, Make-Up Looks for you to choose from. Some days you just want to put a little bit of make-up on just so you feel like you are presentable for the world. My make-up look will only take 5 minutes and these are products which I have tried and tested for months or even years.

How to Overcome Bloggers Block

Have you ever had a time where you just don’t know what to write about and how to go forward? You get in the ‘stage’ of “what am I even doing with my blog? Have I lost purpose?”. This blogpost is all about how to overcome bloggers block, that thing we all suffer with from time-to-time. This post is a collaboration with the lovely Samantha Carraro who runs a her own blog all about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travelling & Reviews. I will do 5 tips on overcoming bloggers block and so will Samantha over on her blog, so go check her tips out […]