NYX Lip Primer // Review

We’ve all been there when we just impulse buy something, right? For me, the NYX Lip Primer was just that. I saw it and was instantly intrigued.

Saving Money // Try Foundations for free

As a Blogger who like to dabble in Beauty Blogging (occasionally), I am always trying to find ways to try new products without having to spend money. Aren’t we all? As I am on the search for a new Foundation, I have come across a good tip for saving money […]

Empties #1 // Makeup, Haircare & More

One type post and YouTube videos which I love to see are empties. These are a good way to see when someone has genuinely been using up a product to the very last drop and then give an honest review of that product.

Mac Star Trek Range and Llap Lipstick Review

While browsing my local Mac section one day, I passed the place where they have their limited edition products. Something that I usually pass by in any brand as the products are usually far too expensive or they have colours of Lipsticks or Eyeshadows etc. that I know I would […]

Mac Lipstick and Lip Liner Haul

If there is one make-up product that I am a sucker for, it has to be a Lipstick. Even though I have my regular Lipsticks that I use on repeat, I can’t help but buy new Lipsticks all the time. Mac has been my go-to supplier of Lipsticks recently since I […]

Mac Autumn Ready Lips

We’ve all seen and used that Snapchat filter that has the round mirrored glasses with the matte brown lips. For me, that was my goal and inspiration for achieving my perfect Autumn lip colour.

Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation Review

After trying the Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick since April 2016 and nearing the end of my stick, I decided it was time to either re-purchase or try out another Foundation. I am one of those people who doesn’t like to change Foundation a lot as my skin […]