Bromsgrove Beer Festival // Summer 2017

Hey everyone! Who else is loving the UK’s Summer? I know it may be a bit hit and miss, but when we have the sun shining; it is lovely isn’t it? Well on Saturday 1st July – after a week of cold and rain – we finally got some well deserved Sun and it fell […]

5 Ways to feel more Summery

If you live in the UK, or know anyone in who does live in the UK; you will know that the British Summer weather has been – well – shocking! It’s a heatwave the one minute and then can be storms – but obviously, you will know that as the British love to moan about […]

Monthly Favourites // June 2017

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for June 2017. Once again I cannot start this blogpost without paying my respects to the tragedies in London this month. My thoughts are with everyone, but we stand together and support one another. We are strong!

Cat Logic // 5 Things Which My Cats Do

Cats! I love them! Sometimes though, I think my cats can be a little ‘odd’ with their ‘Cat Logic’. Here are just 5 things which they do which I think is odd but they see as normal cat behaviour…

Wonder Woman // Why Diana Should be a Role Model

At the beginning of June, I decided to take a trip to the Cinema to watch the next film in the DC Universe; Wonder Woman. The film not only made me proud to be a Woman but it also left me feeling like we should all strive to be more like Diana – Princess of […]

Steph’s Reverse Bucket List

Something which seems to be very popular within the Blogging Community at the moment is the Reverse Bucket List. So today I am going to join the trend and have a look back at what I’ve achieved before looking to the future and completing my Bucket List.

Get to know me // The A-Z of Steph

While reading Jemma from Dorkface‘s blog the other day, I came across the brilliant Get to Know me; A-Z that she did and loved the idea. Therefore, today I bring you The A-Z of Steph…