5 Instagram Accounts I Love

There are thousands of Instagram accounts which come in all shapes and sizes. Some are for personal use, some are for influencers, some are for pets/fur-babies, some are for brands, some are for inspirational quotes and so on. Sometimes it’s hard to get noticed with so many accounts and especially with Instagrams algorithm. So today […]

Another 25 Things That Make Me Happy

One of my most popular posts by far is the ‘25 Things That Make Me Happy‘ post, which I published 2 years ago now! So as the weather is warm, and I’m feeling super happy; I thought I would continue the list with another 25 things that make me happy – so here goes…

Look at Me Now! // Pupdates

Well, time as flew on and as of today, Teddy is now 31 Weeks Old (or 7 Months). The last Pupdate was when Teddy was 19 Weeks Old – oops! So Much has happened since the last Pupdate, and Teddy’s personality is really starting to shine through. He is playful, clever, snuggly and happy.

Poorly Teddy & Snow Day // Pupdates

Teddy is now 19 Weeks old and has been part of the family for 2 months. Unfortunately this month, Teddy has been a poorly little puppy. He has been having some tummy troubles. We took him to the vets who did a few tests on Teddy and he was put on a course of antibiotics […]

Monthly Favourites // January 2018

Welcome to my Monthly Favourites for January 2018. Also, Happy New Year! I’m back and it feels good! I hope everyone is well 🙂 Since August last year, I developed a love-hate relationship with blogging. I finished the massive series which was Travel in the UK, and my motivation to blog dropped. After then doing […]